I Don't
The Caprizio Family  | Book 1



The arrangement has been made. I'm to be married to Dominik Caprizio. Enslaved to "The Boss" who will control my every move.

My future stolen. Dreams turned to ash. My chance for love ripped away.

End of story.

Or is it?

Every man has a weakness. Even the most powerful can be deceived. Become distracted. And as soon as he's not watching, I plan on making my escape.

Except... I never anticipated one thing.


I Know
The Caprizio Family  | Book 2


She's imprisoned for committing a crime against "The Family."
He's determined to learn her secrets.
A game of seduction with two worthy opponents.
Will there be a winner? Or will they both lose?


Once upon a time, I was a normal girl, living a normal life. No drama. No fears. No clue what was coming for me.

Then, one day, a very bad man walked into my life. And now, I’m a prisoner being held in a cell. Living in a world where crime lords rule and the innocent suffer.

My life story is no longer a fairytale. It’s a living nightmare.

But then... Darius Caprizio entered my twisted tale. He’s the kingpin’s brother. A villain. A killer. And— he just may be my prince charming. As long as he doesn’t learn the secrets I’m keeping.

But like they always say. No matter how many lies are told, the truth will always catch up to you. And when it does, you better run. Because in this dark, cruel world there is no mercy.

This... I know.




I Won't
The Caprizio Family  | Book 3

An Older Man.
A Girl In Need Of Saving.
A Flame Too Hot To Be Tamed.


A monster cloaked in kindness showed up on my doorstep. Now, I’m living in the pits of evil, forced to strip for men who are the spawn of Satan. My only saving grace in this nightmare is that I’m still holding onto my innocence. A precious commodity that the monster intends to cash in on. And until he gets the price he wants, I’m safe.

But my time is running out.

I need an escape plan. A way out of this prison. But I’ve been warned. Bad things happen to those who speak. No one is to be trusted. None of them will save me.

But when the man hired to protect my innocence, to keep me perfectly in-tact for my new owner, arrives, hope ignites. Along with feelings I can’t explain. He just may be my ticket to safety. Or, he may be my ticket to everything.

Only problem is... he thinks I’m too young.


She’s too young.
Too innocent.
Too tempting.
My job is to protect her, and that’s all I’m going to do.



I Promise
The Caprizio Family  | Book 4

An Overprotective Stepbrother.
A Fiery Girl Longing For Love.
One Family Feud Ignited. And It Just May "Burn" The House Down.


Colton saved my life. He took me in. Gave me a home. A family. Made me his world. He protected me from a monster who tried to hurt me. Sheltered me from evil. And, he's made sure every want and need is met. He's been the best stepbrother a girl could ask for. The father I never had.

Now that I'm older, he can't give me what I want. What I need. But Colt refuses to let me date while danger is still lurking in my world.

The feud between us has been ignited. The friction growing stronger every day. And if he doesn't let up on his overprotective reins, I'm going to snap. Or... we just may "burn" the house down.


She’s my stepsister.
Off Limits.
But I've never been able to tell her no.



The Caprizio Family  | Book 5

Lust at first sight.
Love at first "bite."
But what happens when you find out they're the enemy?



I don't date. I play. But when Georgianna drives up, looking like sin wrapped in red satin, I start to question my stance. And when the sass comes flying out of her lush red lips, putting me in my place, she seals her fate.

But... the truth has a nasty way of seeping in and killing the mood. Reminding me exactly why I keep my heart locked up.


I vowed never to fall for another made-man. But then Anthony stepped in my path, blocking my way. Showing me that not all mobsters are created equal. He just may be worth bending the rules for. Or... I just may be setting myself up for another heartbreak.