“Dirty” Cops

"Dirty" Cops 1





I'm an officer of the law. Sworn to serve and protect. My badge a symbol of honor, not just duty. But when a fiery young redhead walks into my life, dishing me attitude from that pretty little mouth of hers, I turn into one very "dirty" cop. I want to bend her over my knee and read her her last rights as a free woman. She just became MINE.

Problem is... There are too many reasons why I can't go there. First being the fact that I just left her mother's bed. Second: she's eighteen. Making Rowan Brince OFF LiMITS.

But when fate puts her in my life's path, resisting the sassy girl becomes impossible. And when I realize she's in need of protection, DUTY CALLS.

I'm determined to serve and protect the girl who owns my soul. But Rowan... is determined to fight me every step of the way.

She can resist all she wants. But she will be mine.