Savage Knights MC

Property Of Riley


Axle thinks that just because he’s the “Prez” of the Savage Knights MC, he has some sort of claim on me.
But I don’t care who he is or what he wants, that biker is one heartbreak I intend to avoid. Even if he is a walking temptation with his lethal body, a deep-commanding voice that rumbles right through me, and those incredible eyes that nearly burn me alive with heat.

No matter what my body craves, I know his bad-boy reputation and I refuse to give in.


Men heel to me to win my favor and women beg for my attention, wishing they could be my “Ol' Lady.”
But not her. The only woman I want won't give me the time of day.

Determination fuels my soul and my claim has been made.
Riley is mine. Period.
She can fight the attraction tooth and nail all she wants, but soon, she’ll be giving me exactly what I want.
Her heart.

Property Of Maisy





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Property Of Hailey





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Property of JoeJoe





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Property of Nicky





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Property of Chrissy





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