The Fright Series

 Fright House


One Spooky Haunted House.
Plus, One Determined Alpha.
Makes For One "Fun" Little Halloween Treat!


It's time. We've been skirting around the truth for months and I can't wait any longer. Tonight, I plan on making Piper mine.

Only problem is... my plan has backfired. Now, my stepsister won't even speak to me.

But— DETERMINATION is my middle name. And I'll do whatever it takes to win her heart.

Fright Night



Once upon a time, I thought I was going to marry that boy. Now, he is the bane of my existence. My enemy. My bully.

He gets off on his sick pranks. Goes out of his way to torture me on the daily. But this time, he's taken things too far.

Revenge fuels my blood. And this Halloween Fright Night, he's going to get what he deserves.

Fright Bash



We've been best friends since we were kids. Practically raised together like brother and sister. But one night, a line is crossed. Now things between us have changed.

Our friendship is walking a tight rope. And that rope frays when Jaxon does the unforgivable.

Now, I'm not sure we'll ever get back what we lost. Or... if my heart will ever recover.

Fright Fest



She's a prude. I'm a player.
Her idea of fun is going to church. Mine is scoring— and I don't just mean on the football field.
So let's just say... we're a match never waiting to happen.

But for some reason, Myrah can't take the hint. She's been obsessed with me since grade school. Has stalked me for years. And no matter what I do, she won't leave me alone.

When a buddy of mine enlists me for help with his stupid prank, I end up doing something I'll forever regret. On the plus side, I finally rid myself of the annoying girl.

Only thing is... I now can't shake these thoughts of her. And I'm beginning to wonder if the perfect girl has been chasing me down all these years and I was too blind to see.

Fright Ball




When I found the note tucked inside my locker, I thought it was one of the guys playing a silly prank on me. With Halloween right around the corner, it's to be expected. They love scaring us girls. But as more notes start appearing, I realize my friends are not the ones behind this.

I know exactly who's stalking me. And I'm positive I know why. What I don't know is what their end game is.

How far are they planning to take things?